Smart-TV is not so smart

In general, we do not recommend using Smart-TV with our solution. Feel free to try it if you already have a Smart-TV, but we do not recommend selecting this type of screen on new purchases. The guide for starting the screen display is found here.

Find information about equipment we recommend, on our website.

The development of Smart-TV models is fast and there are models that might work well when purchased, but are not updated to follow new web standards that might come later. Therefore, if you choose to use Smart-TV, please consider that it might be necessary to connect an Ugoos-device, or the like, to it later on.

Challenges with Smart-TVs can be:

  • The browser on a number of models is not possible to open in fullscreen. The address bar will be visible when the public display content is running. You can try
  • The software on the TV does not update. In order to display the public screen content, we depend on the modern version of e.g. JavaScript. If this is not updated, you might experience that some types of posts will not be displayed.
  • Some Smart TVs have a built-in sleep function which makes them turn off automatically after a given number of hours without user activity.
  • Many screens are not made for an all day use. Using these type of screens as a public screen can lead to a shorter screen lifetime, and it can be a potential fire hazard. We recommend using screens that are made for use during 16 or 24 hours a day, and with the possibility for an automatic on/off.
  • Also, be aware that a TV license might be required, even if the Smart-TV is not used as a regular TV.

Due to the vast diversity of different Smart-TV models, we are unable to troubleshoot and adapt our solution to these. If you experience problems, we recommend that you connect e.g. an Ugoos-device to it, or instead use a screen that we recommend to use with our solution.

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