Portrait or landscape mode on screen

Select orientation in settings on the physical screen

The content from PinToMind can be displayed on screens in both portrait and landscape mode.

In order for the screen to be displayed vertically, you must first select portrait or landscape in the settings on the physical screen.

ℹ️ Changing the screen orientation is a feature found on most recent screens and devices, including Samsung SSSP and Tizen, Ugoos, Raspberry PI and Chrome devices. But not all physical devices have the feature.

Customize the channel preview

You can select portrait or landscape preview for your channels by going to #Channel -> "⚙️ Settings" -> "Change layout". You can also choose the preview format by going to #Channel -> "⚙️ Settings" -> "⚙️".

The choice you make on each channel is reflected in the list of channels, and when you preview posts and channels.

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